Long heatpipes for FLS chassis-HP4-147mm

Long heatpipes for FLS chassis-HP4-147mm
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  • Item #: HP4-147
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Home Theater

The set of long, rised heatpipes has been designed to be used in FLS series chassis in conjunction with motherboards where CPU is located on the left side like Intel's DH87RL and Thin-Mini-ITX MoBos.  Compatible with Streacom FC9 and FC10.
These pipes are standard pipes in PHT FLM-7 and FLM-8 chassis and also in Streacom FC8 chassis.


Number of Heatpipes: 4
Heatpipe Diameter: 6mm
Heatpipe Length: 147mm
Compatible Chassis:  PHT: FLS-7, FLS-8, FLM-7, FLM-8 and also Streacom FC8 Evo, FC9 and FC10
Material: Copper

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