Matrix Power Strip

Matrix Power Strip
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  • Item #: Matrix
  • Manufacturer: WireWorld

The Matrix is a multi-way power distribution block which is particularly useful for home theatre installations where there are never enough power outputs. Its compact size allows for easy placement behind or to the side of audio/video racks. The Matrix features selectable mounting options via a bracket re-orientation and therefore is one the most user friendly product on the market. mounting_bracket.jpg Six 13A high quality outlets Specially designed for WireWorld Noise-Canceling power cords Aluminum anodized casing for superior RFI and EMI shielding Fully hard-wired internal connections Rack mountable User selectable mounting options via bracket re-orientation Compact dimensions: 440x62x45mm Weight: 0.8kg The Matrix is a perfect solution for those requiring a cost effective way to remove mains noise and distribute power efficiently. When combined with the WireWorld Series 7 power cords it will enhance and improve the performance levels of the likes of Video tuner, DAB tuners, DVD players, Flat screen displays, Game consoles, computers, CD players, Projectors and a variety of other sources and displays.

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