Looking for bargain?

I found that some chassis are not perfect; aluminum panels don’t fit perfectly as I expect.  So, I set prices under my cost for these chassis.  If you are going to see front only – it may be chassis for you.

Please look at pictures and decide if such chassis is for you or not.  People who want to expose front only may don't care about defects on top or side panels and save some money going with imperfect or defective chassis.

HTPC aluminum chassis-S16V-VFD310 NP (Black)

HTPC aluminum chassis-S16V-VFD310 NP (Black)

The S16V is a full-sized chassis designed to fulfill all your hardware requirements. Measuring 175mm in height, the S16V will support a full-size PSU, ATX mobo, 4 hard drives and optical drive.

Not Perfect.  Used.

  • Price: $420.00
  • Sale Price: $210.00

HTPC-M10-No Display-Not Perfect (Silver)

HTPC-M10-No Display-Not Perfect (Silver)

Created for PC builders, M10-ND (No Display) is the smallest enclosure in the OrigenAE family of products. Perfect as small footprint PC.

Not perfect. Spot on top panel.

  • Price: $100.00
  • Sale Price: $80.00

I hope that you could find something for you.
Thank you for checking our products.