T-ITX-6-Black, Ultra low profile aluminum chassis.

T-ITX-6-Black, Ultra low profile aluminum chassis.
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  • Item #: T-ITX-6-Black
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Home Theater

This chassis is designed for HTPCs, Integrated Media Centers and Music Servers.  Built for Thin Mini ITX motherboard, it’s very slim, only 40mm high. (48mm with feet).  It is made from extruded, brushed aluminum.  This chassis accommodates two 3.5" HD, one 2.5" HD and one slim slot ODD. PSU is build into motherboard so you need only AC/DC converter (also offered from our store in options)

23mm high CPU cooler and risers included


HTPC with TV tuner card and three HDs (Two 3.5" and one 2.5")
Music server with SOtM tX-USBexp Audiophile PCIe to USB Audio Card
Media server or streamer.

1.  Maximum height of CPU cooler = 23mm.  Recomended: New, PHT HSF (supplied)
2.  Most of Thin-mini-ITX motherboards use 19V  7.4 x 5.1 x0.6 x 12mm barrel connector, but some like Mitac PD11TI Thin Mini-ITX has standard 12V 5mm/2.5mm barrel connector.  Check your motherboard before you order AC/DC adapter.

Material: ----- 100% Aluminum.
Accepted MBs: ----- Thin-Mini ITX.
HDD: ----- 1x2.5' and 2x 3.5'' standard hard drive mounts.
Cooling Devices: ----- One 60x60x15mm ultra-quiet fan – installed.
Low profile PHT HSF - included
Extension Slot: ----- One half size slot.
Two adapters for large HDDs included. 
PCIe x4 riser included
Front Interface: ----- None

External AC/DC 19V adapter.
PHT IR receiver and RC260 remote.
Slim ODD
Short SATA cables

Dimension: ----- 435mm×310mm×48mm (L× W× H) [17.125"x12.25"x1.875"]
Net Weight: ----- 2.2kg

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