Vidabox Liivnas chassis - Black.

Vidabox Liivnas chassis - Black.
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  • Item #: Liivnas chassis
  • Manufacturer: Vidabox

Vidabox Liivnas chassis. 

This chassis is designed for HTPCs (Integrated Media Centers) and small media servers or music servers. There is slot for ODD, so you can add UJ-160 or LG CA30N in options.

You can use it as self buil PC.



Material: ----- 100% Steel.
Available color: ----- Black
Accepted MBs: ----- Mini ITX/Thin ITX.
HDD: ----- 1x3.5" HD.
Cooling Devices: ----- 2 spaces for 50 x 50 - 10mm mm fans
Extension Function: ----- One low profile slot.
Front slot for slim ODD.

Power options: ----- 150W PSU and external AC/DC adapter.
ODD options: ---- UJ-160 or LG CA30N
Dimension: ----- 315mm×310mm×80mm (W× D× H) [12.5"x12.25"x3.125"] 

Net Weight: ----- 2.4kg

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