Wesena IR receiver

Wesena IR receiver
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  • Item #: IR receiver
  • Manufacturer: Wesena

DON'T connect receiver to CIR connector!  USB ONLY!  Check polarity!  If you connect it in reverse you will fry it.

The IRRC works with any RC6 compatible remote, but only supports the standard set of remote control keys, and will NOT work with keyboards or devices that have an extended set of keys.

When using a Logitech® Harmony remote, you need to select “Microsoft®” as the manufacturer and “Windows Media Center SE” and the model number when setting up the device.

Operates in two modes chosen by red and blue buttons on compatible remote.  Mode1 - for WMC, Mode2 for WIN7.  Please read Wesena IR info

  • This IR receiver supports "dot" so you can choose HD channels like 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 825.1 etc directly.
  • "Power ON" is possible if IR is properly connected to "Power Switch" connectors on Motherboard:  + to + and - to -.  Please look at diagrams
  • Works with: WMC-7, WMC-Vista, TMT-5, Cyberlink.
  • It can be used with various Linux based platforms such as XMBC by using eHome remote compatible drivers
  • Doesn't work with JRiver
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